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We Know How You Feel

We’ve Been on Your Side of the Table

How many Mergers & Acquisitions companies do you know where the Principal has successfully owned small and medium-sized companies and has successfully managed a large regional company as well? SellMyCompany is one of those Merger & Acquisitions companies. We talk the talk, but have also made that walk many times, and we understand in detail ALL of what is involved in successfully leaving the closing table for greener pastures.

We Have the Right Experience and Connections

SellMyCompany is affiliated with George and Company, one of the oldest and most respected business brokerage, M&A and certified appraisal firms in the North East. Located in New York City, we stand ready to serve your every need in the business acquisition or divestiture market. With over 20 years of experience, SellMyCompany will CONFIDENTIALLY (“Jay from SMC”) aid you in appraising the value of your business and generate a marketing plan to seek out and attract the right buyer at the right price with the right terms.

If your company is in acquisition mode, our professionals offer numerous means to search out the business that meets your criteria.

Jay Elfman, Principal

“Businesses sold through brokers have a much higher listing-to-closing rate than those sold through realtors or offered directly by business owners…. A major reason that many businesses never sell is because business buyers never learn about the sale offering. Brokers overcome this problem, which they attribute to insufficient market exposure by placing many ads in many places, both in print and on a number of business-for-sale Web sites. Brokers also have access to a deep database of qualified buyers whom they can contact.”

Courtesy of Selling your Business for Dummies by Barbara Findlay Schenck and John Davies

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