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About the Principal, Jay Elfman

Jay Elfman has successfully owned and operated several businesses over the last 3 decades, and has also appraised and asset-managed commercial properties and portfolios ranging from $5M to over $100M for the country’s largest pension fund advisor. As a Real Estate Broker in a new market, he was able to generate over 80 transactions in the first year and caused the largest competitors to take notice and adapt their business strategies. He has also owned and partnered in several small companies. As VP of Business Development in his last venture


  • Developing & Executing Strategies – Strong ability to determine best approach to creating maximum exposure for his clients while maintaining maximum confidentiality. Excellent ability to execute strategies to achieve clients’ desired outcomes.
  • Planning/Organizing – Results-driven achiever with exemplary planning and organizational skills, along with a high degree of detail orientation. Expert at developing business plans to solicit investment money for new client ventures or product launches.
  • Creativity – Innovative problem-solver who generates workable solutions to business challenges that arise during the due diligence and closing process.
  • Marketing – Expert at researching markets, analyzing competitors, identifying all potential buyers, and positioning the company for maximum visibility.
  • Sales – Proven record of accomplishment closing sales and exceeding client expectations in difficult markets.
  • Negotiation – Uses a balanced approach, earning the respect of the clients’ suitors while maintaining complete fiduciary responsibility to the clients.