What is your exit strategy?


WHAT IS YOUR EXIT STRATEGY?   8/22/17 One of the most important decisions RARELY MADE:  What’s your EXIT Strategy?   For ALL Business owners, there will come a time when a decision must be made regarding the disposition of the business.  The timing and type of disposition are key components of the Exit Strategy. The … Continue reading “What is your exit strategy?”

How to save on capital gains taxes


Never Pay Capital Gains Again ! Special Issue May 7, 2017   The below analysis shows you some examples of just how much $$ you can save by using a legal capital gains deferment method.  The percentage saved is incredible.  If you know someone selling a business, please let me help them beat the IRS … Continue reading “How to save on capital gains taxes”

How to save on capital gain taxes


DID YOU KNOW? That any time you have a capital gain, whether it is from selling stock or from selling a business, you can either 1031 it (most of you know this) OR you can put it in a Sales Deferment Trust. Once in the trust that big capital gain is protected from the nasty … Continue reading “How to save on capital gain taxes”

Go for Broke but Don’t Go Broke


Being your own boss is an exciting adventure with endless possibilities. However, considering that most startup businesses never see a profit, entrepreneurs face financial pitfalls regular employees never have to consider. Thankfully, with a little bit of foresight (and some self-sacrifice) it’s possible to navigate the first five delicate years as a business owner and … Continue reading “Go for Broke but Don’t Go Broke”

Knowing The Value Of A Business


Determining the value of a business can be difficult and confusing. Many equations and opinions have convoluted the process. A few basic factors will allow you a clear understanding of the valuation process. Simply stated, to understand what a business is worth, you must understand its past, present and future. Valuating a business for today’s … Continue reading “Knowing The Value Of A Business”

How to Start a Business with a 401K


For small business owners, finding financial security can be a difficult feat that is often rife with many uncertainties and tough decisions. Business owners need to look at their overall financial situation and find out what will be the most beneficial plan for both their personal lives and their business in the long run. With … Continue reading “How to Start a Business with a 401K”

About Seller Financing


In a traditional property or business purchase, the buyer pays for a property using a loan from a bank or other institution. However, when obstacles such as lower credit ratings block the way, a creative solution may be seller financing. Seller financing is an agreement, legally binding, that is made between the buyer and the … Continue reading “About Seller Financing”

Do The Due Diligence


What is Due Diligence? Statistics show that nine out of ten people who begin the search to buy a business never actually complete their transaction. While there are many contributions to this, one of the biggest reasons buyers back out is because of the fear of uncertainty. If one feels that they do not know … Continue reading “Do The Due Diligence”

Structure of a Confidential Business Review


When creating a confidential business review for a client it is imperative to maintain proper structure and formatting. A properly structured business review will convey all of the necessary information in a clear and concise way to the client whereas a review that is sloppily formatted can not only confuse and frustrate a client, but … Continue reading “Structure of a Confidential Business Review”

New Listing


We just listed a Commercial Check Cashing business in New York State. It cashes well over $70 Million in checks per year, netting over $600K in cash flow. Working out of a small office with a handful of staff, this cash cow is very easy to manage via technology. The company has a customer base … Continue reading “New Listing”