Fee Structure

Fee Structure


We get paid when you get cashed out.

Our success fees vary with the nature of each individual assignment. Our fees are very competitive with the marketplace and indeed, are much more competitive when you consider that we do not charge a retainer. Small Mom & Pop businesses are usually based on a flat percentage of the total selling price. Larger mergers & acquisitions are frequently based on a modified where the success fee is based on increments of the total consideration of the sale. In mergers & acquisitions, Lehman is the prevailing fee structure for most private investment banks. This formula is typically based on a sliding scale where the first million dollars in selling price is awarded a higher percentage and each million thereafter a lesser amount. Many firms will place a bottom percentage amount where each million is the same fee once that threshold has been attained. At , we often apply a rising fee structure once the target price is reached. Most sellers are pleased to pay a somewhat higher fee on funds they didn’t think would be attainable.

The Analysis of the Company

analysis of companyAs is the case with all transactions at , each client business is structured to create a win/win situation. Before going to market, a careful analysis of the business is made and the results reported back to the potential client. Each option is explored and explained. Sometimes, it may not be in the client’s best interests to go to market at that particular time. We often make recommendations that will greatly enhance value and suggest waiting 6-12 months before marketing the company. Other times our opinion of value may differ from the owners or the board of directors. In all cases however, and the client come to a mutual decision relative to an acceptable success fee. The end result is that all parties are working to a common goal of getting the maximum price the market will bear under the most favorable terms. Because we do not charge a retainer fee, we must be absolutely confident that we can get the job done to accept the assignment. The client can rest in the fact that, if we accept the assignment, we WILL get the job done.


Confidentiality is the operative word at . After nearly three decades of selling businesses, we are extremely sensitive to the needs of the client company for the highest levels of discretion and secrecy. Each and every potential buyer is required to execute a non-disclosure/ and is also required to offer financial preparedness to consummate a transaction of the nature contemplated. In the case of smaller companies for sale, we also require the buyer to do a credit check. Only after these steps are completed is the buyer presented with any information regarding the client company.