Getting Started



When you come to for a business valuation or any other advisory services, we will start by asking you to provide us with a number of items that will aid us in developing a value for your company. The most important information we will request is financial records and documentation.

In most instances we will ask you for a minimum of three years of tax returns and/or financial statements. Due to the fact that financial statements are typically a more accurate picture of your company’s financial position emphasis may be placed on these documents.

Other important information includes, the history and description of the company, the competition, and the macro or micro economic conditions – what’s happening in your back yard, in your region, in the country, and if you trade on a global basis, what’s happening in the world. Click here for a full Appraisal Needs Checklist.

All those things will have an influence on where your company is, the direction your company is going, and what the overall value of your organization is.

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